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June 25, 2012

WSJ: Should Tenure for College Professors Be Abolished?

Is American School Education in shambles and peril?, the Higher Education is not looking any brighter?
Quote from the following Naomis article captures the reality of Education in America:
American Education Not World Class The schools systematically let kids down. By grade 4, American students only score in the middle of 26 countries reported. By grade 8 they are in the bottom third, and at the finish line, where it really counts, we're near dead last. Its even worse when you notice that some of the superior countries in grade 8 (especially the Asians) were not included in published 12th grade results. They do not need 12 grades""
Pic from WSJ
It is an interesting, Challenging and head churning question, should tenure for college or University Professors be abolished?.  

Ask this beautiful looking journalist Naomi Schaefer Riley, yes she affirms. Most of her arguments are true, if anyone out there really know where exactly America stands today with regard to science and maths, even the third world nations do much better than America, they are on top of America. 
I am not surprised to read the report that says:American Education is not world class, wait a minute?, Is it right to say so, I think they might say American 

Education is no longer world class. [Link: American Education Not World Class]. The following chart displays the plight of America, for me it certainly is shocking, I never thought American education is so bad. But many academics may not agree or admit this fact.I can almost imagine the commotion among lots of academics and scholars, what is the school education got to do with college or higher education. Well, that has lots to do with college education dear. First, there is a significant number of foreign students on college courses and research labs, including PhD researchers and postdocs. Higher education or research in America is to a larger extent still alive... 

......and appreciated because of the contribution of the so called Aliens?, what a Nasty and moronic classification this US Immigration dept adopted, Aliens?. If most of the higher education and research level progress is made by the foreigners, where is the real progress and growth contributed by Americans?. Don't you see the connection, if more than half of the school students fail to gain knowledge in science and math, it has a crippling effect for the rest of education system, even those American students who do well in schools and colleges hesitate or do not like to go for research or higher education, that is another detrimental factor as to why American education is not world class, top to bottom it is not world class. Look at the staggering numbers below. Even Czech and Slovenia is better than America in Science and Math, what a Shame. Go head and read what Emily has to say....! and oh wait, read some of the comments, there you can find a comment from a Tenured Professor, he unequivocally says that tenure jobs must be eliminated.

The following Facts and figures are published at
American Education Not World Class The schools systematically let kids down. By grade 4, American students only score in the middle of 26 countries reported. By grade 8 they are in the bottom third, and at the finish line, where it really counts,  we're near dead last. Its even worse when you notice that some of the superior countries in grade 8 (especially the Asians) were not included in published 12th grade results. They do not need 12 grades.
Grade 4 Grade 8 Grade 12
Rank Nation Score Nation Score Nation Score
1. Singapore 625 Singapore 643 Netherlands 560
2. Korea 611 Korea 607 Sweden 552
3. Japan 597 Japan 605 Denmark 547
4. Hong Kong 587 Hong Kong 588 Switzerland 540
5. Netherlands 577 Belgium 565 Iceland 534
6. Czech Republic 567 Czech Republic 564 Norway 528
7. Austria 559 Slovak Republic 547 France 523
8. Slovenia 552 Switzerland 545 New Zealand 522
9. Ireland 550 Netherlands 541 Australia 522
10. Hungary 548 Slovenia 541 Canada 519
11. Australia 546 Bulgaria 540 Austria 518
12. United States 545 Austria 539 Slovenia 512
13. Canada 532 France 538 Germany 495
14. Israel 531 Hungary 537 Hungary 483
15. Latvia 525 Russian Fed. 535 Italy 476
16. Scotland 520 Australia 530 Russian Fed. 471
17. England 513 Ireland 527 Lithuania 469
18. Cyprus 502 Canada 527 Czech Republic 466
19. Norway 502 Belgium 526 United States 461
20. New Zealand 499 Sweden 519 Cyprus 446
21. Greece 492 Thailand 522 South Africa 356
22. Thailand 490 Israel 522
23. Portugal 475 Germany 509
24. Iceland 474 New Zealand 508
25. Iran 429 England 506
26. Kuwait 400 Norway 503
27. Denmark 502
28. United States 500
29. Scotland 498
30. Latvia 493
31. Spain 487
32. Iceland 487
33. Greece 484
34. Romania 482
35. Lithuania 477
36. Cyprus 474
37. Portugal 454
38. Iran 428
39. Kuwait 392
40. Colombia 385
41. South Africa 354

Grade Average 529 Grade Average 513 Grade Average 500
Also check the plights on Science and 12 Grade Students global standing at the 4brevard original article. Overview and Key Findings Across Grade Levels, Report from National Center for Educational Statistics
According to the In 1983, A Nation At Risk urgently recommended reforms in education warning "the United States is under challenge from many quarters".  Today we're at greater risk than ever. The Government Education Monopoly continues to imperil our economy by failing miserably at preparing the workforce. Business increasingly looks for talent overseas. The world's greatest concentration of PhD's is in Seoul, Korea and half of Americans can't even find Seoul on a map.
Microsoft India taps Indian programming and engineering skills with 83,000 certifications issued in 1999. We import 107,000 H-1B professionals every year, half of them with PhD's.

W.Post News: By Rene Sanchez blue line
U.S. High School Seniors Rank Near Bottom
American high school seniors have scored far below their peers from many other countries on a rigorous new international exam in math and science.
USA today:  Report: Poor science education impairs U.S. economy 
"Our nation's outlook has worsened," concludes the report panel headed by former Lockheed Martin chief Norman Augustine. The report "paints a daunting outlook for America if it were to continue on the perilous path it has been following":
•U.S. mathematics and science K-12 education ranks 48th worldwide.
•49% of U.S. adults don't know how long it takes for the Earth to circle the sun.
China has replaced the United States as the world's top high-technology exporter.
Although U.S. school achievement scores have stagnated, harming the economy as employers look elsewhere for competent workers, the report says that other nations have made gains.
If U.S. students matched Finland's, for example, analysis suggests the U.S. economy would grow 9%-16%.
"The real point is that we have to have a well-educated workforce to create opportunities for young people," says Charles Vest, head of the National Academy of Engineering, a report sponsor. "Otherwise, we don't have a chance."

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