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Some of the following are offers sent to my e-mail but others are classifieds, feel free to apply for these jobs.

Your professional profile, which has on file, indicates you may have experience or know someone with experience relevant to the following position. I was hoping you might be interested or be willing to forward this email to an associate who could benefit from this opportunity.

We are seeking a motivated Research Associate to purify and biochemically characterize recombinant mammalian proteins to support late stage research and pre-clinical programs.  In this position, the qualified individual will perform protein purifications, protein modification, various biochemical assays and will be responsible for assay development.
The ideal candidate should have a strong fundamental understanding of protein chemistry with a BS in Biochemistry or related field with 2-4 years of relevant experience or a MS in Biochemistry or related field with 0-2 years experience.   Preference will be given to candidates who are driven to succeed through hard work, the willingness to learn new techniques and strong written and oral communications skills.Candidates should have experience with chromatography, electrophoresis including capillary electrophoresis and some assay development.  Candidates must possess the ability to work independently and within a team environment.  Regeneron offers the ability to work in a cutting-edge biotech environment.

Education:   M.S. in Biochemistry or  related field or B.S. in Biochemistry or related field with relevant hands on experience.


This junior research associate will have a strong fundamental background in biochemistry.  Candidate will perform assay development, protein purification and characterization, biochemical assays, protein modification as well as maintain and trouble shoot equipment in the lab.  The RA will allocate time to effectively support our clients drug candidates in the late stage and pre-clinical development.  Junior research associate is expected to be motivated, possess good analytical technique, excellent communication skills, and be able to work independently in a team-oriented environment.

Background Preferred:.        


Written Communication Skills.  Good practice in documenting ideas, experimental design, results and interpretation of results is essential. 

Oral Communication Skills:  Strong communication skills are essential.  Position requires communication within group and formal presentations at group meetings.

Research Experience:  Technical proficiencies include chromatography, electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE, Western, 2-D gels), protein modification (chemical and enzymatic), HPLC, CE, and MALLS.  Candidate is expected to be able to help maintain instruments and troubleshoot instrumental and experimental problems. 

For complete details contact Bill Green at
(732) 316-1911 ext 210

Or apply online at

Or email to:

Education Requirements:  Bachelor Degree
Job State Location: NY
Job Country Location: USA

If you are interested in this position or if you know anyone that might be interested, please forward this to them or contact:

Contact Name: Bill Green
Email to:
Apply Online at: 
Fax to: 609.981.9968
Call: 732.316.1911x210

Company Name: Diedre Moire Corporation

Contact address (may not be location of job): 

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