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May 30, 2012

One Countries Satirical another countries Serious Move-Look Homeward Indians?.

India's IITs, IIMs, IISc, and AIIMs are pinnacle of barbarians, (Exibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, and Exhibit D, endless exhibits. 

The Exhibit D is a press release from UNESCO that suggests that India is among the 30 countries that will miss Educational Goal of 2015, UNESCO, UN and other bodies constantly warn India to fix the educational system from caste abuse and sear discrimination, nothing has improved?) 

wherever there are hindus, where there is no Equality, no affirmation, no diversity and no humanity, but full of bigoted minds, so be mindful when you read some quacks from a hindu writer known as Basu, who writes quite a flattering (yellow highlighted) words about India's premier Instituitions as follows......
 Kaustuv Basu, the author of the "Call for Indian Expats" writes that ""Alumni are fond of mentioning how Indian students who cannot get into the IIT of their choice sometimes end up at the Ivies in the United States -- their safety schools'". 
That is a lot more like words coming from the desi's, a typical casteists who brag India is a hindu country, it is in other words an Indian talk, not a realistic and sensible talk. They have no sense of being mindful about what they think and what they say, an unstructured, unthoughtful and loose talk so to say.
The IITs, IISCs and many more universities and higher ed institutes in India are known for their higher end productivity of cheap labor force to supply it to America and UK, but within India what these highly trained IITs has done is a very serious debate only should be taken by honest people, not someone who brags like Basu can justify. Most higher education institutes do have some good teachings but not without disparity, bigotry and caste virulence embedded in every single teacher and student's Mind set. There is no Equality, affirmative functionality and diversity in these places, most or almost all the Directors are casteist hindus, so do 90% of all faculties and most student positions are occupied by the brahmins or those who had the money, power and some background to somehow show a higher score in their school or college curriculum. One would argue about reservation to students, faculties and so on, but most of those reservation are unfilled and there is an obnoxious amount of discrimination that the outside world has no idea to begin with regard to this issue...
Most certainly, it is not only an exaggeration but sear stupidity to say that those who did not get a seat in IIT of their choice ended up in Ivy's?. This is the typical casteist mindset that spews lies and venom, the truth is, most Ivy league Graduates, faculties and technical staff are all from Universities in India, such as Madras University, IISc, TIFR or NII, Bangalore University, such as JNU, or Other specialty universities like Agriculture or Biotech and so on. There is some portion of the graduate students in Ivys perhaps from IITs, IIMs  and so on but they represent a tiny little proportion of the larger numbers from small and not so globally known Universities. Because, the Indian research communities some how composed of lots of hard working, labouring youngsters with dreams to become a Dean, a Professor or Director or make lots of money or start a bio company and so on, they are the one reaches out to Ivys not those self promoting IITs.

There are too many issues why people after moving to US do not return back to India, the sear amount of corrupt administrative system, bigoted faculties and directors, favoritism it the top most reason why the Indian students leave India for seeking green pastures elsewhere?. If one third of the faculty seats are vacant, ask the first question why did not they filled them and how long has they kept these positions vacant?, most reserved seats were never been filled, most reserved graduate students been subjected to terrifying, humiliating discrimination, some drop out, some commit suicide  
Case I: [ Caste-virus breeds in IIT labs : A Report
12Jul08On behalf of Insight & National Dalit students’ Forum, following report is made by visiting IIT delhi campus in the wake of recent inhuman caste atrocity in the campus, one among few which got noticed, hundreds like this go unnoticed. Thanks to media and faculty that successfully bred the caste-virus over the years in such Govt Instituions, by subverting constitutional mandate of equal representation; resulting even after 50 years of few caste superiority in academia. Report: Caste Atrocity in IIT Delhi “A caste-hindu by his very make up is incapable of showing any consideration to an untouchable candidate. He is a man with strong sympathies and strong antipathies”
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (The Untouchables and the Pax Britannica)]
Case II: [ Sunday, August 07, 2011 IIT, IIM, IISc, JNU, AIIMS and Higher Learning Centers of India:- Living Hell  full of Casteists..!AARAK SHUNdalitskerala@ R.Prakash | August 7, 2011 at 10:51 AM | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: AARAK SHUN A knock on the door always makes Amit nervous. If it is daytime, he quickly moves the book rack so that it hides the framed photo of B R Ambedkar, dressed in a dark suit and looking at some distant horizon. If it's night, Amit lies still in bed, staring at the fan. As the banging goes on, he slips in and out of sleep. In his dreams he often sees a boy putting a noose around his neck. Sometimes he sees the boy hanging from a rope that's furiously twisting by itself. Then there is dead silence. He can't go back to sleep.
Amit, a student of IIT-Kanpur, is not suicidal. He has been to a shrink, though, and says he lives in some kind of dread. For two years, life on the campus was beautiful - at least until the day his classmates found out his caste, a fact he had masked with a caste-neutral surname.. read full story at the Blog] and if they had gone through at all with their graduation, they will never go back to their old institutes?, the number of graduates who will return back are very tiny?. Indian govt and those who are working on making these instituitions do well, must first fix the inequality, discrimination and other impending issues among the IITs, only then a meaningful progress will be made in these instituitions, certainly they are not anywhere close to how Ivys in US work, I am from Ivy School, Yale, nothing gets as great as this top notch school, I did not see or hear what the writer proclaims.
Call for Indian Expats 
May 24, 2012 - 3:00am
By Kaustuv Basu
Inside Higher Ed: The mere mention of the Indian Institutes of Technology conjures up images of academic rigor and excellence. Alumni are fond of mentioning how Indian students who cannot get into the IIT of their choice sometimes end up at the Ivies in the United States -- their safety schools. But the IITs also face a major problem: lack of new faculty members.“We have very few students in India going for their Ph.Ds. And those that go for a doctoral degree tend to do it outside India, and prefer to stay back and work there,” said Manindra Agrawal, dean of resource planning and generation and a computer science professor at IIT Kanpur. Read more: Inside Higher Ed
Science Careers News: We've just reported on a scientist-founded satirical group called Americans for a More American America. Now Inside Higher Ed is reporting in a serious vein on what I suppose could be called "Indians for a More Indian India." It's a proposed plan for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the northern city of Kanpur -- one of the celebrated IITs that are the country's most prestigious scientific universities -- establish an office in the United States to lure some of the many Indian-born scientists working or studying on American campuses back home to faculty posts in their native country.

Unlike at comparable institutions in the U.S., where hiring is highly competitive, at IIT Kanpur, one in three faculty slots goes unfilled, writes Inside Higher Ed's Kaustuv Basu. This faculty shortage reportedly limits the courses and research projects the institution can undertake. 

Low salaries and high levels of bureaucracy are major factors that discourage many Indian Ph.D.s from returning to become professors in their home country. The office, tentatively slated for Washington, D.C., or New York City, would have access to private funds to boost the salaries offered to new hires at the government-supported IIT.


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