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University of Birmingham, UK: New Low in compensation, exploitation of young Minds!?.

Science Magazine news: July 3, 2012A New Low in Compensation for Researchers We've long criticized the low compensation that many university researchers receive, but the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom hit absolute rock bottom when it advertised openings for "honorary" research assistants to work on a "voluntary basis," reportsTimes Higher Education(THE).
The successful candidates, if that's the word, not only needed "excellent" degrees, but vehicles of their own. The university would be generous enough to provide reimbursement for gas, space to work, and "regular supervision." Gosh, could the research project really afford all that? After critics pointed out that advertising for people to work for nothing is exploitative and illegal in Britain, the School of Psychology at Birmingham cited a generous motive for the ad: In a statement, it claimed that it had wanted to make this "opportunity" to work fo…

Is Canadian Govt Research Funding in Peril?

from Nature News Blog site:Scientists march on Canadian parliament10 Jul 2012 | 22:08 BST | Posted by Ivan Semeniuk | Category: Posted on behalf of Jennifer Carpenter.

To the mournful tune of a lone saxophone scientists marched through the streets of Ottawa and onto Canada’s Parliament Hill  to protest a glut of cuts to government research labs and — they say — a lack of evidence-based decision making in the Canadian government.

The 10 July rally drew an estimated 2000 scientists, graduate students and their supporters to the sunny capital, many of them dressed in white lab coats; smaller protests took place in other cities across the country including in Regina,  Guelph and Calgary.

WSJ: Should Tenure for College Professors Be Abolished?

Is American School Education in shambles and peril?, the Higher Education is not looking any brighter? Quote from the following Naomis article captures the reality of Education in America:
American Education Not World Class The schools systematically let kids down. By grade 4, American students only score in the middle of 26 countries reported. By grade 8 they are in the bottom third, and at the finish line, where it really counts, we're near dead last. Its even worse when you notice that some of the superior countries in grade 8 (especially the Asians) were not included in published 12th grade results. They do not need 12 grades""It is an interesting, Challenging and head churning question, should tenure for college or University Professors be abolished?.  
Ask this beautiful looking journalist Naomi Schaefer Riley, yes she affirms. Most of her arguments are true, if anyone out there really know where exactly America stands today with regard to science and maths, even t…

One Countries Satirical another countries Serious Move-Look Homeward Indians?.

India's IITs, IIMs, IISc, and AIIMs are pinnacle of barbarians, (Exibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, and Exhibit D, endless exhibits. 

The Exhibit D is a press release from UNESCO that suggests that India is among the 30 countries that will miss Educational Goal of 2015, UNESCO, UN and other bodies constantly warn India to fix the educational system from caste abuse and sear discrimination, nothing has improved?)

wherever there are hindus, where there is no Equality, no affirmation, no diversity and no humanity, but full of bigoted minds, so be mindful when you read some quacks from a hindu writer known as Basu, who writes quite a flattering (yellow highlighted) words about India's premier Instituitions as follows......
 Kaustuv Basu, the author of the "Call for Indian Expats" writes that ""Alumni are fond of mentioning how Indian students who cannot get into the IIT of their choice sometimes end up at the Ivies in the United States -- their safety schools'…

Do You Have a Science, Nature or Cell Paper...No..!, oh yea, You Pretty much Screwed! PostDoc Cartoon!

Thanks Lou Dobbs, a Good Challenge to Bill Gates and the likes, but Academic structure needs a overhaul Lou!!

PostDocs at University of Oregon close to Unionize?.. Next PostDoc Union in the making!

Though the original AAUP news do not specifies PostDoc but claims as three categories of faculties and researchers initiated Union mission, the Higher Ed Chronicles lists one among the category the PostDocs...Chronicles of Higher Ed: Adjuncts and Postdocs Are Among U. of Oregon Faculty Who Vote to UnionizeMarch 14, 2012,2:29 pm A wide range of different faculty types at the University of Oregon have voted to form a union affiliated with the American Association of University Professors and the American Federation of Teachers, according to astatementfrom union organizers. The AAUP says the formation of the union was supported by a majority of University of Oregon workers in each faculty category it would represent: tenured and tenure-track faculty, full-time and part-time contingent faculty, research assistants, research associates, and postdoctoral employees. The union will be formally certified once Oregon’s Employee Relations Board confirms the election’s results.
AAUP news Faculty at…

Oh India......Shortage of 300,000 Faculties?....

The Chronicles of Higher Education news
In Search of India’s ‘Missing’ Professors

March 8, 2012, 4:26 pm,   By Guest Writer,  The following is a guest post by P. Pushkar, a research fellow at the Institute for the Study of International Development at McGill University.——————————————————————–
There are reports that India faces a shortage of 300,000 faculty members in its universities and colleges. It is estimated that the shortage will increase at the rate of 100,000 each year. These are big numbers even for a country of one billion-plus people and counting.

What is remarkable is that the faculty shortage is serious not only in poor-quality public universities and colleges, but even at the world-class Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

PostDoc Unions, almost a Decade in the Making....How is it going?.

Uconn Health Center PostDocs& a Mission to Unionize:The first ever fully functional PostDoc Union in the world was formed during 2003 (refer the UCONN PostDoc Union chronology in this blog).  It is almost 10 years since our fight to unionize the postdocs, and the 10 years to be completed next year 2013.  This decade is one of the most remarkable 10 years in the history of scientific research, academia  and in the history of  postdocs. Furthermore, it is a remarkable event as far as the plights of Postdocs concerned, as far as the welfare of young, hardworking and highly qualified broken scientists concerned?.  For those who want a change in Academic structure, the postdoc union will show the way...!I was one of the first to involve in the postdoc unionization at the UCONN medical campus, and was also one of those who were in the front row of leading this initiative and postdoc union foundation. However, we were fortunate and thankful to those have been fighting without much succes…

PostDoc Unions, way to fix issues in research institutes and Academia!!!

February 15, 2012University of California Postdoc Union Claims Successes in First Full Year In August 2010, postdocs at the University of California's ten campuses ratified their union'sfirst 5-year contract. Now, after its first full calendar year under the pact, the union known as UAW Local  5810 is looking back with satisfaction at its accomplishments. These include the "first-ever guaranteed experience-based raises upon reappointment" and a 2% increase in the overall wage scale for 2012, according to the union's website.
The union also helped individual postdocs resolve issues involving back pay, vacation time, attempts to terminate postdoc appointments because of pregnancy, and other instances of unwarranted termination, the website continues. Advocacy efforts included pressing the California Congressional delegation to oppose cuts to research funding and to support comprehensive immigration reform.