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Birth of PostDoc Union at University of California: It is Official now!!!

University of California is one of the largest university in USA and in the world, UC is very well known as one of the most influential and reputed universities in teaching, research and discoveries.

It is here in this huge university structured by multiple campuses that postdocs are making world news this week with their Union card signup finaly got approved by the local board PERB.

PostDocs in UC campuses reckoning to be the largest postdoc population in the
entire world, could easily translates this number into the fact that things happen in UC campus will spark the light all over the postdoc, postdoctoral organizaitons around US, UK, Canada and world over.

Well that might be understatement for those organizing committee and lots of postdocs who worked hard on this UC Postdoc unionization have learned how difficult to unionize the postdocs, and these postdocs were inspired by the work and successeful unionization of the small postdoc group at the Uconn Health Center, the very first Postdoc union in the world. It is an honor and previlege to congratulate UC Postdocs in winning this approval, we are very happy to learn that this great university Postdocs took a leaf out of Uconn Postdoc Unionization drive into their own and succeeded now. Job well done dear UC Postdocs, and I am waiting to here about your great experience and the first successeful contract, while the fence sitters all over the campus and in other universities will now jumb into the right side, the unionizaiton side, we can hear the little spark from Uconn to spread the unionization in other universities.

Since the PERB approved UC Postdocs
majority, it is official and postdocs are getting ready to organize and putting
papers together for a negotiation committee to sit with the university

Here is the latest update of the approval news from PRO/UAW:

Updates from the PRO/UAW Organizing Committee

PERB Verifies Majority!
August 20, 2008

On June 30th, PRO/UAW
filed our unionization petition with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) of California. This week, PERB has confirmed that a majority of all University of California Postdocs have signed up for the Union! Thank you for your support!


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