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George Bush is Detrimental to Science and Medical Research!?

America never faced such a crisis of govt & Federal funding for Science and medical research than in the last several years during Bush's regime. While billions and trillions of dollars have been wasted in the name of war, not even a fraction of such amount is allocated to scientific and medical research?.

During this time, the developing or underdeveloped countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China and even the poverty ridden India been promoting better science and research with considerable amount of funding to research.

Here is the latest Higher Ed Report on Federal Funding and it's
aftermath of Scientific research in USA.

©Istockphoto/Dr.Heinz Linke

‘Unprecedented’ 2-Year Decline for U.S. Science Funds

The numbers will not surprise anyone who has closely tracked federal budget discussions about science and technology in recent years. But that won’t make the data released Friday by the National Science Foundation any more palatable for those concerned about the American research enterprise.

But the extent of the downturn is stark, the NSF reports: For the second year in a row, federal funds for academic research in science and engineering failed to outpace inflation. That situation is “unprecedented,”

the science foundation notes; never before in the 36 years that the NSF has produced this report have there been two consecutive years in which federal science spending has declined in current dollars.As seen in the table below, colleges and universities spent $49.431 billion on research and development in the 2007 fiscal year, up 3.5 percent (or 0.8 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars) from 2006.

Federal support rose to $30.441 billion, up 1.1 percent in current dollars and
down 1.6 percent once adjusted for inflation.

That follows a 0.2 percent decline in inflation adjusted dollars from 2005 to 2006:

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