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September 20, 2008

Introducing Neuro Forum, a Section for Young Neurophysiologists

The latest editorial "Neuro Forum" in the most respected neuroscience journal (the journal of neurophysiology) by David Linden
is an eye opener to promote young generations involvement in scienfitic writing?. He puts up his views through this video about the importance of young scientists in  respectful manner, hope the young scientists will join such forum and utilize this opportunity. 
It is probably the first of it's kind initiative that I never seen in such a reputed journal like Journal of Neurophysiology, neither I have seen happened through any other journals. I wish other editors from other fields do emulate this good path to make the young scientists, give them such opportunities.

A Message from the Chief Editor of the
Journal of Neurophysiology
David J. Linden
Dept. of Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD 21205     

While Journal of Neurophysiology is beloved by most senior and mid-career researchers in our field, I’m concerned that the next generation will not share this feeling unless their participation is more actively encouraged. Are there editorial initia­tives that might help to address this issue? Starting in Fall 2006, the Journal of Neuroscience made an effort along these lines that we aim to emulate and adapt. They have a manuscript type (which they call “Journal Club”) for graduate students and postdocs to independently write brief commentaries on interesting, recently published papers in Journal of Neuroscience. These are reviewed by the Editors and are turned around quickly, so that the commentary can appear within 2 months of the target article.

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