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Not sure when did they start this brand new "PostDoc" Journal, seems to be of interest to Postdocs to server their needs and demands by their own postdoc groups

The groups claims the following in their About Us:

Journal of Postdoctoral Affairs is conceived as an international platform for addressing conceptual and practical issues that pertain to the foundations and contexts of the postdoctoral experience. Analyses of the future, present and past of the postdoctoral appointments from social, educational, economic, political and psychological viewpoints will all be gathered under the umbrella of this journal. Shorter opinion articles and letters as well as longer research and critical review papers will be considered for publication.This interdisciplinary peer-reviewed on line forum will serve the purpose of disseminating the opinion of current and former postdoctoral scholars, their faculty advisors, postdoctoral policy analysts, administrators and labor affair specialists. The selection of publishable articles will be based on a rigorous peer-review process conducted by an expert editorial team.
Journal of Postdoctoral Affairs is currently inviting potential contributors to submit their works for the upcoming issues of the journal. Manuscripts should be submitted to


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