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June 30, 2011

Scientific Equipment's and Research Instrumentation, Entire Lab assets to Sell..?? PostDocs to Note "Finders Fee"

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 9:44 AM
Subject: Cash for Labs!

Hi Muni,

We are looking to purchase the equipment assets of entire laboratories. If you are aware of any labs that may be selling lots of items please let us know.

We can quickly inventory and provide a valuation of the lab, make an offer, provide payment, and have the equipment moved out within days.

We also have a finder’s fee program that provides payment to the individual that informs us about a lab that we purchase.

We are also looking for the following Items outside of a complete lab purchase:

DNA Instruments
ABI Sequencers: 310, 3100, 3130, 3130XL, 3730XL

AKTA Avant, Explorer, Purifier, Prime, Pilot

Agilent 1100 (newer), 1200
Waters 2795, Acuity Systems
Shimadzu 20A Systems UPLC

ABI 4000, 4000 Q-Trap, 5000, 5500
Agilent 6410, Agilent LCMSDs (Newer)
Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap XL

Agilent 7500
PerkinElmer ELAN 6100, 9000, DRCe

Flow Cytometers
Becton Dickinson FACSAria, FACSCanto, FACSCalibur, LSR I, LSR II
Beckman Coulter Mo Flo
Guava PCA, PCA 96, Easy Cyte

GC- Agilent 6890, 6890N, 7890
GCMS- Agilent 5973, 5975, MS

Microplate Readers
Molecular Devices SpectraMAX M5, M2, Plus 384, Gemini
Flexstation 2, 3

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-20i, J26i, all Avanti
Sorvall RC-5C Plus
Thermo Legend RT

Regular ABI, 9700, 9800
Real Time ABI 7900, 7500

Robots/Liquid Handling
Beckman Coulter FXp, NXp
Velocity11 Robots
Tecan Freedom Evo
Hamilton Star and Starlet

-80 Freezers
Freeze Dryers/Lyophilizes
BSCs (hoods)

Best Regards,

CLID: 494

Eric Dowsey
Supply Manager
(650) 804-7026 direct
Alliance Analytical, Inc.
980 Mission Court
Fremont, CA 94539
650-324-2458 fax

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