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December 20, 2008

Nature's Paul Smaglik: Green Card Vs Blue Card for Graduates & PostDocs?

Paul Smaglik's writes at the Nature's News and Comment about the future of Visa's for students in US/UK. Interesting to note the appointment of Janet Napolitano, gov of Arizona for the homeland security which overseas visa granting to students, researchers and other categories.
It seems Napolitano is an advocate for changing the current H1-B requirement to the Foriegn graduate students who are studying in US Universities. If the graduate student's pass through all the security checks by the immigration or home land security during their studies, then there was no need to have an H1-B. Students need not go through a H1-B period inorder to apply for a green card, rather a green card be granted to them? sounds pretty good. 

But, will it be feasible or go through the scrutiny and approval of both parties in the senate? which is already struggling to come to a realization in this battered economic conditions with huge job loss, unemployment and outsourcing. The arguments is that this kind of initiative will move job opportunities away from Americans into the hands of foriegn born graduates?. 
The current H1-B volume is about 65K, the new home land security secretary wants to increase this number, in addition she wants to make reorganizational changes that permit graduates to get green card without H1B, it is the current thinking, will it be practical is a question?. 
UK seems to be following up on the US paths to promote similar initiatives in giving "Blue Cards"?.
Though America and UK brags about the number of foriegn born graduates and students are attracted to US and UK for further studies, in reality it is Canada and Australia are the top two destinations in the world for graduates and students, a statistical figures can be found in Paul's news piece with reference.

Published in Nature 456, 1005 (17 December 2008) | 10.1038/nj7224-1005a

Visa quotas could soon be relaxed in the United States and Europe. But will the economic downturn mitigate the potentially positive effects?

Paul Smaglik1

The battle for the US presidency has ended, but a visa storm may be brewing — and scientists could, in principle, be among the beneficiaries. Early this month, US president-elect Barack Obama nominated Arizona governor Janet Napolitano to head the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees citizenship and visas. Napolitano has been a staunch supporter of increasing the number of H1-B visas, which are used to hire foreign information-technology specialists, researchers and other highly skilled workers.

Read the full story: Click this Link.

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