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September 15, 2006

Some Tips to Consider!!!

Skype-the whole world can talk for free??.
Sounds like a scam, but this is a real free telephone service, the free service is going to be available till end of this year. All you have to do is to download skype program, call up anywhere within US or Canada free either on a mobile or landline. You can make calls from your PC. I am using right now to make longdistance and conference calls, the voice and lines are terrific, clear and no background noise or interruption. The calls once placed are disturbed in the middle of conversation like those damn paid calling cards or sometime our cell phones, that make croaky frog like noises. You know I go over lots of minutes in cell phone most of the time, then end of miserable to go out to call or add more minutes for a ridiculous, day time robbery by the cell phone companies. A friend of mine once mentioned use skpe, whe she said, I thought very casually about skype, but when I checked the website, I decided to download, it takes just less than two minutes and about 5 minutes, you will be on the phone anywhere. Your Pc or desktop must have microphone, the skype download will help you to initiate calls and several features to use. So, another free service with fine quality and reliable service...skpe. So, when they meant the whole world can talk free, not neccessarily you can take it for granted to call world wide, they do have paid service to call accross the globe, it is too much to ask for a free world wide call. From US, we can all all US and Canada, similarly in every continent, I believe they have free service, like whole of Europe, whole of Asia. But, accross the globe, one must buy some service from skype. Hey...who cares, we can call the whole US and Canada for free.........thanks skype.

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