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Science Career News: Opportunity Abounds in Toxicology

Opportunity Abounds in Toxicology, a science magazine article on how postdocs can tap at the enormous opportunity available in the field of toxicology. My postdoctoral position during 99-2001 at the UCONN was a neurotoxicology work funded by USArmy grant. It is true that the field of toxicology is full of opportunities but not enough young scientists or postdocs involved in this field. There is lot of demands and future opportunities that the postdocs and graduates must consider in toxicology. If it is neurotoxicology, it is a plus for the current world conditions, so much of our lives is sorrounded by toxicity?.
Opportunities Abound in Toxicology

Brian Vastag
United States
20 June 2008

Science magazine news:

Nadia Moore first became intrigued with toxicology as an undergraduate measuring ammonia in the water of a fish hatchery where breeding stock were getting sick. She finished her degree in biochemistry and went to work at a toxicology laboratory associated with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Washington, analyzing chemicals tested on animals. But by then she had begun to realize that the type of analytical chemistry she had been doing was just "one little piece of the whole toxicology picture," Moore says. She wanted a more holistic view.


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