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PostDoc News & This Blog "PostDoc World"?

Immmmm...It has been three months since I updated or posted "postdoc" news. Instead of delving into the reason why? ofcourse hectic work schedules and other committments is one of the main reason, but I always did catch upon the happenings and brought them here immediately. I believe there is little lull on the postdoc world, not much is happening at the moment or whatever?.

But, today I was browsing the web for postdoc events, something caught my eyes. The salary issue in the UCLA system. It seems the UC system passed a resolution to follow upon the NIH Scales for PostDocs, good news but is in't too slow a change?. We did this four years ago at the UCONN Health Center and three years since the postdocs got their increased salary. Anyways, it is still a good news for those UCLA postdocs, not sure what the postdocs in other university and campuses are doing about their salary. Better get these basic needs straightened up during this momentum, or else you will be lagging behind others and slogging your life away for pennies.

Here is the UCLA news:
UC-wide Postdoc Salary Minimums to Increase (effective Oct 1st, 2007).
Submitted by ajzz on April 27, 2007 - 5:17pm.

Dear Colleagues,
The UC system has finally passed a resolution to base its postdoctoral salary minimums on the NIH rate. This much awaited change will be phased in over the next two years. Please see the attached message from the Vice Chancellor for details.

Ajay Gopal
President, SoPS____________________________________________________________________
UCLA Graduate Division------------------------------------Office of the Vice Chancellor &

Dear Department Chairs and Principal Investigators:
I am writing to inform you of the University's recent decision to augment the minimum salary scales for Postdoctoral Scholars to matchthe minimum levels supported by NIH. The annual salary ratescurrently range from $32,304 to $78,372. They will be increased according to the following schedule:

October 1, 2007: increase to $33,000
October 1, 2008: increase to $35,500
October 1, 2009: increase to $37,000 or
the annual level of the NIHNRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship and Training Grants,
whichever ishigher.

At UCLA, while many of the Postdoctoral Scholars are already beyond these levels, we still have a substantial portion for whom this will represent an enhanced level of support. Your cooperation inimplementing these changes will be appreciated.

Claudia Mitchell-Kernan
Vice Chancellor Graduate Studies
Dean Graduate Division

Good Job folks!.


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