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University of Birmingham, UK: New Low in compensation, exploitation of young Minds!?.

Science Magazine news: July 3, 2012A New Low in Compensation for Researchers We've long criticized the low compensation that many university researchers receive, but the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom hit absolute rock bottom when it advertised openings for "honorary" research assistants to work on a "voluntary basis," reportsTimes Higher Education(THE).
The successful candidates, if that's the word, not only needed "excellent" degrees, but vehicles of their own. The university would be generous enough to provide reimbursement for gas, space to work, and "regular supervision." Gosh, could the research project really afford all that? After critics pointed out that advertising for people to work for nothing is exploitative and illegal in Britain, the School of Psychology at Birmingham cited a generous motive for the ad: In a statement, it claimed that it had wanted to make this "opportunity" to work fo…

Is Canadian Govt Research Funding in Peril?

from Nature News Blog site:Scientists march on Canadian parliament10 Jul 2012 | 22:08 BST | Posted by Ivan Semeniuk | Category: Posted on behalf of Jennifer Carpenter.

To the mournful tune of a lone saxophone scientists marched through the streets of Ottawa and onto Canada’s Parliament Hill  to protest a glut of cuts to government research labs and — they say — a lack of evidence-based decision making in the Canadian government.

The 10 July rally drew an estimated 2000 scientists, graduate students and their supporters to the sunny capital, many of them dressed in white lab coats; smaller protests took place in other cities across the country including in Regina,  Guelph and Calgary.