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One Countries Satirical another countries Serious Move-Look Homeward Indians?.

India's IITs, IIMs, IISc, and AIIMs are pinnacle of barbarians, (Exibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, and Exhibit D, endless exhibits. 

The Exhibit D is a press release from UNESCO that suggests that India is among the 30 countries that will miss Educational Goal of 2015, UNESCO, UN and other bodies constantly warn India to fix the educational system from caste abuse and sear discrimination, nothing has improved?)

wherever there are hindus, where there is no Equality, no affirmation, no diversity and no humanity, but full of bigoted minds, so be mindful when you read some quacks from a hindu writer known as Basu, who writes quite a flattering (yellow highlighted) words about India's premier Instituitions as follows......
 Kaustuv Basu, the author of the "Call for Indian Expats" writes that ""Alumni are fond of mentioning how Indian students who cannot get into the IIT of their choice sometimes end up at the Ivies in the United States -- their safety schools'…