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PostDoc Unionization- Raging fire, Dare to STOP!... It is UMass now!

UMass PostDocs

Well...well...well......! I'm excited to hear that UMass PostDocs Unionize!, Well..., about 300 PostDocs in three UMass campuses were already signed the union card, and filed a petition at the State labour board to get approval for PostDoc Unionization.

Those who read my blog regularly would have noticed my updates on PostDocs Unionization. Either as a news with direct links to the press reports or news paper sites. Or On the right side panel, you can see a list of Universities where PostDocs got unionized already?.

The UC campus is just getting close enough to have their first contract and they are still working on it, Rutgers University is also might be in negotiation stage by now. As I was thinking of "what is next, and who is next"!. I thought it would be from outside US, like some news from European PostDocs. Hey, it is our next door neibhour UMass PostDocs, they signed the card and waiting for the labour board approval. The raging PostDoc Union fire set at the UCONN is fully grown now, it is time all the Deans/Presidents/VCs better observe these activities carefully, do not try to STOP the postdocs because you will fail?. So, co-operate with them and help them to get their due share in the Academic previleges. No matter what kinds of fights the Universities can put up, at the End, PostDocs will triumph, so why waste your time.

It is Over, the next news probably is not going to
be one University, may be barrage of them will come out and say the PostDocs are
going to Unionize!. Is it Yale or Brown?

No, wait, perhaps........ Brown,
Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton and

UMass PostDocs Unionize: News Links

Postdoctoral researchers at UMass unionize
Boston Globe
^ February 7, 2010 Tracy Jan

Posted on Sunday, February 07, 2010 4:53:08 AM by reaganaut1

Enough is enough. Post-docs, complaining of low pay while conducting vital research, are rising up in university towns across the state.

Nearly 300 postdoctoral researchers at University of Massachusetts campuses in Amherst, Boston, and Dartmouth joined the United Auto Workers union, becoming the first post-doc researchers in the state to unionize. The move triggers a process that will require the university system to negotiate over wages, health insurance, job security, and other workplace issues.

UMass Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth Postdocs File for Union Recognition

February 4th, 2010 BOSTON — A majority of approximately 300 postdoctoral
researchers working at University of Massachusetts campuses in Boston, Amherst
and Dartmouth have signed cards authorizing UMass Postdoctoral Researchers
Organize/United Auto Workers (UMass PRO/UAW) to represent them in collective
bargaining, triggering a process that will require the university to negotiate
over wages, health insurance, job security and other workplace issues.

“We’ve taken this step so we can protect our rights on the job, and make sure postdocs working on different campuses and in different labs are treated fairly and receive comparable pay and benefits,” said Simona Maccarrone, a postdoctoral researcher from UMass Amherst who was part of a delegation of workers filing a petition asking the Massachusetts Division of Labor Relations (DLR) to certify their union, UMass PRO/UAW, as their representative for collective bargaining. “This will give us the same union rights as other workers and faculty at UMass.”


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