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$70,000 Annual PostDoc at PASTEUR, Fr. Must be US Citizens! Fabulous Opportunity

Hello PostDocs in USA, I recieved this e-mail from Science (AAAS), most probably other PostDoc/Student members of AAAS might have received this e-mail too. Neverthless, for the beneffit of those who are not members and not aware of this ad, and for those who haven't seen this opportunity, here it is.
It is just a fabulous opportunity, because the fellowship is heavily funded for three years, and it is going to be in France's top most institute "the pasteur", so think about it, no ....apply and make use of this great choice.


Dear ScienceCareers Readers:
If you know U.S. citizens who might be interested in this program
or colleagues who might help promote it among Ph.D. candidates,
please assist us in getting the word out by forwarding this message
widely. We rely heavily on word-of-mouth promotion for this program.
Pasteur Foundation

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for U.S. citizens to live in Paris
and carry out a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institut Pasteur.
Candidates may apply to any one of our 140+ labs. Come to France for
a career experience that you will never forget!

Founded in 1887 by Louis Pasteur and located in the heart of Paris, the Institut Pasteur is a world-renowned private research organization. The Pasteur Foundation of New York is seeking outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship Applicants. Candidates may apply to any laboratory within 10 departments: Cell Biology and Infection; Developmental Biology; Genomes and Genetics; Immunology; Infection and Epidemiology; Microbiology; Neuroscience; Parasitology and Mycology; Structural Biology and Chemistry; and Virology. See website for details.

Annual package is $70,000 for three years. There are multiple calls for applicants each year. See website for details and upcoming deadlines.

Please note: U.S. citizenship required. This is intended to be a first or second fellowship; candidates should be in the process of completing a Ph.D. or have received it recently. Please see website for precise eligibility requirements.

e-mail: Website:
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