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February 15, 2007

Talk about Benefits to Postdocs/ in Academia?

One of the Worst Practice at work is to keep away the postdocs or young scientists (also the graduate students)from benefits, which otherwise would provide a better protection to those poor souls. Employers do not realy care or make provisions on this issue, so, postdocs in general are kept out of this benefit issue for several reasons, except some exceptions, majority of the postdocs do not get benefits?. Nothing happening here in US in this area, but in Europe and other places it is different, look at the caption in this pic?.
I like this pic (from Feb 2 science issue)

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UNION yes!!!

UNION yes!!!
Hello Grads-Say Yes to Union!

Here is the PostDoc Wheel of PRO/UAW, this is like the Wheel of Dhamma of Lord Buddha's that is a symbol of justice and liberation. The latest news from PRO/UAW is very promising to the 5000 or more postdocs in different campuses of University of California System.

The Union for Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of California
PRO/UAW is the Union for over 5,000 Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of California. By signing up a majority of Postdocs, we can exercise our legal rights to bargain with UC. Postdoc representatives we choose will survey us to determine priorities and will then negotiate a contract with UC. We can negotiate for improvements in wages, hours, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment. Postdocs will then have an opportunity to democractically approve the agreement that UC and our bargaining team reach, before it becomes a binding contract.