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December 19, 2006

GLOBAL WARMING:- How Ignorant ARE we ??

Global WarmingIs this inconvenient truth or truth has been conveniently pushed, pushed to make believe that there is not enough evidence. So, it is more of a Convinient lies told over and over again by the politicians, leaders and the wested interest companies that pay millions to some fake scientists to provide wrong data that there is no evidence for global wrming, why do you need evidence you moron, look around and don't you see the environment is constantly screwed up by humans more than any living or non-living influence on the damaging atmorsphere?. So, it goes.......AT THIS JUNCTURE, WE CAN RATHER TRUST INDIVIDUAL HUMANS TO HELP CLEAN UP THE ENVIRONMENT AND KEEP IT SAFE THAN ASKING THE POLITICIANS AND LEADERS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT,yes, every concerned human of this earth must do their due duty to protect, safegaurd the environment for the fututre generatiion, we might escape from the huge calamity is waiting to happen,but our next generation will pay for it if we do not take action right now!

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