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Breaking E.Coli News!!!

Simply Avoid Bagged Spinach for the moment, why? Recent illness and one death due to E.coli infection through bagged spinach. Read the following news....
Killer E. coli outbreak spreadsHealth officials are trying to find the source of a multistate E. coli outbreak and they're warning consumers that bagged spinach may be the source. One person has died and dozens of others have been sickened in the 10-state outbreak. The FDA is warning people not to eat bagged spinach and says washing it won't solve the problem because the bacteria is too tightly attached.

Some Tips to Consider!!!

Skype-the whole world can talk for free??.
Sounds like a scam, but this is a real free telephone service, the free service is going to be available till end of this year. All you have to do is to download skype program, call up anywhere within US or Canada free either on a mobile or landline. You can make calls from your PC. I am using right now to make longdistance and conference calls, the voice and lines are terrific, clear and no background noise or interruption. The calls once placed are disturbed in the middle of conversation like those damn paid calling cards or sometime our cell phones, that make croaky frog like noises. You know I go over lots of minutes in cell phone most of the time, then end of miserable to go out to call or add more minutes for a ridiculous, day time robbery by the cell phone companies. A friend of mine once mentioned use skpe, whe she said, I thought very casually about skype, but when I checked the website, I decided to download, it takes just less tha…

Some Tips to Consider!!

I am not realy sure how long this service existed, I found out today that there is something realy free, I used to pay for directory assistance, about a buck and half. But, I checked this company, it is real free directory assitance, they will provide you the telephone number you are looking for in your or any locality. Either call the above number or go online and do the search. I believe that this company might compensate their service expenses by the advertisement that comes after you ask for the number, but you do not need to worry about it, in seconds you will be provided the number you want once you give the city name and name of the business or place. If the automated message can't help you, an attender will respond to you. This is certainly a good service for free....immmmmmmmm there is free lunch in America, though it is very rare???.

PRO/UAW-University of California????

PostDoc World News:
The Union for Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of California
Postdoctoral Researchers Organize/ International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of

So here it is after Uconn Health Center, it is UC...!!
Great news! A strong majority of UC Postdocs statewide have signed up for
the Union. The petition has been filed with the state labor board.
Update: On August 2, the UC's outside, private counsel filed an objection to
our petition at PERB. At no time prior to the filing of these objections did the
University ever contact the Union to verify any of the information contained
therein. Rather, while there are nearly 6000 postdocs in the University of
California system, the University decided to file an objection based on some
unsupported and vague claims of a few individuals. Indeed, the University's
filing includes only 14 affidavits from postdoctoral fellows. Those individuals
allege a range of unclea…


Scientists in the academic areas have various opinions about "UNIONS", especially about PostDoc unions. The views and opinions of unions can vary from either positive or negative perceptions about unions through the observations of the way unions funtion. Some of them agree that unions can help postdocs, some outrightly reject unions and yet another bunch just confused and have no clear idea.

Whatever those thoughts and opinions of the above category of academicians, in truth, all those perceptions and views on union stem from one's personal knowledge about union, one's personal experience or exposures to how unions function, or perhaps due to extremely well informed and throughouly learned thoughts OR due to poorly informed and ill thought feelings about unions.

Whatever?. A change is invitable in the academic structure and policies, because we can't live anymore in academy with the approach of 1870&…