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August 15, 2006

PostDoc Activities & Organizations

PostDocs often left out without proper channels of advice and support, however there are some good local associations that provide some basic help, some of them are listed below.

1. Baylor Postdoctoral Association

Baylor College of Medicine is one of several research centers where the postdoc community is quite big, lots of postdocs work at Baylor. They have got this sense of helping each other through this association. PostDocs will be able to find information related to visa, travel, jobs and other social activities using this site.

2. Brown University Postdoctoral Association

The association in short called BUPA?. Again, the site provides assistance to postdocs for housing in Providence, RI. Benefits, visa, international student relations and other postdoc related information. The following report and points from BUPA's recent meeting will tell the story that postdocs are struggling to fix issues around benefits, salary, leaves and more.

1. Clarify Brown’s definition of a postdoc. The two most common titles are postdoctoral research associate and postdoctoral fellow. The university has no consistent method for defining postdocs across all departments. Also, postdocs should be promoted to the title of Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate after three years, and to Research Scientist after six years.

2. Provide equal benefits to all postdocs. In general, postdoctoral research associates are university employees and receive full benefits as employees. Postdoctoral fellows generally bring their own funding, and thus are not considered Brown employees. Therefore they do not receive university benefits. This system leads to inequities within departments and labs, and unintentionally punishes postdocs for seeking independent funding. The report recommends that the University provide Fellows access to health and dental benefits at the same individual costs as they are provided to associates. The additional cost must be provided by the department, program, or the institutional allowance of the individual’s grant. Implementing this will be quite difficult, requiring lots of work to assure that the changes are legal and in accordance with tax regulations.

3. The report does not recommend implementing university-wide salary minimums. The large differences in the market pressures for different departments makes this impractical. Salary should, however, be closely monitored by the mechanism recommended in point four.

4. A postdoc liason will be created within the Office of the Vice President of Research to work with BUPA. The liason will assist with organizing events and programs, gather information for distribution to postdocs, maintain information on current postdocs, and help develop grievance procedures for postdocs.

3.Stanford University Postdoctoral Association, in short: SUPD?

Stanford Universitiy Postdoc Association is one of the most powerful and influential associations in US, because of the sear strength of number of postdocs, there are about 1500 postdocs, wow!?. But yet, they are not free from issues or problems of benefits to child care and what not?.

What kind of PostDoc Help is available in the following places?

This section is under construction


University of Connecticut
Stanford University
Johns Hopkins University
University of California
Yale University
Harvard University
Brown University
New York University
Columbia University

Scripps Research Institute
Howard Hughes

NIH postdocs
NSF postdocs

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