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August 21, 2006

The Gazzette!! News & Views

"petri dishes"THE WORLD IS CHANGING RAPIDLY" this is exactly what the 24 member faculty committee recognized in their recent committee meeting, the meeting was held to discuss issues around education and research, especially to bring out improvements in undergraduate education and research at Harvard. The plan is to enhance the current undergraduate education system with hands on experience. This is a new concept that is making way into education and higher education these days. So, the need to change the teachng and learning aproach of science subjects is finaly reaching the right places, initially it was debated that school children's must be provided chances in hands on experience, it now slowely spreading from the secondary school education level to the undergraduate level courses. Especially considering the amount of interests student will develop by doing few basic scientific experiments or involving in this "the hands on" approach. I believe it is a good idea, because doing a little bit of basic science as part of hands on experiments can promote more interests in science among the students. A preliminary report from a faculty committee makes recommendations about the future of science at Harvard. (Photo © Harvard News Office).
Here is the article from Harvard Gazzatte!! check the url address....

Science Committee issues preliminary report. Calls for supporting a wide range of approaches to science education and research in Longwood, Allston, and Cambridge

A committee of 24 leading scientists from across Harvard University - five department chairs and one dean - have produced a preliminary set of proposals for "enhancing science and engineering at Harvard" that range from continuing to invest in traditional "core disciplines" to transforming the teaching of science by implementing "hands-on learning as a cornerstone in undergraduate science and engineering education."

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