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Woman PostDocs- what is their plight in Academy and Research?.

Inside Higher Eds recent Piece on Woman PostDocs:
PostDocs in general are not well paid that is the universal truth
why "PostDoc" Unions are upraising but there are issues within
PostDoc issues, that is the "Woman in PostDoc" or woman doing
PostDocs, what is their plight?. Looks like the following
piece written by Graduate Student Jennifer Bussell from
Rockefeller University discusses about that critical issue.
Postdoc Pay: A Women's Issue June 5, 2013 ByJennifer Bussell The message is loud, clear, and has reached cultural saturation: women are underrepresented at the top of highly competitive professions because they cannot reconcile the amount of time needed for such careers with the time they want to spend raising children. Just acknowledging this point has been a recent watershed moment for feminism, triggered by Anne-Marie Slaughter’s controversial Atlanticarticle and the release of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. Slaughter and Sandberg offer different views on …