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PostDoc Unions, almost a Decade in the Making....How is it going?.

Uconn Health Center PostDocs& a Mission to Unionize:The first ever fully functional PostDoc Union in the world was formed during 2003 (refer the UCONN PostDoc Union chronology in this blog).  It is almost 10 years since our fight to unionize the postdocs, and the 10 years to be completed next year 2013.  This decade is one of the most remarkable 10 years in the history of scientific research, academia  and in the history of  postdocs. Furthermore, it is a remarkable event as far as the plights of Postdocs concerned, as far as the welfare of young, hardworking and highly qualified broken scientists concerned?.  For those who want a change in Academic structure, the postdoc union will show the way...!I was one of the first to involve in the postdoc unionization at the UCONN medical campus, and was also one of those who were in the front row of leading this initiative and postdoc union foundation. However, we were fortunate and thankful to those have been fighting without much succes…

PostDoc Unions, way to fix issues in research institutes and Academia!!!

February 15, 2012University of California Postdoc Union Claims Successes in First Full Year In August 2010, postdocs at the University of California's ten campuses ratified their union'sfirst 5-year contract. Now, after its first full calendar year under the pact, the union known as UAW Local  5810 is looking back with satisfaction at its accomplishments. These include the "first-ever guaranteed experience-based raises upon reappointment" and a 2% increase in the overall wage scale for 2012, according to the union's website.
The union also helped individual postdocs resolve issues involving back pay, vacation time, attempts to terminate postdoc appointments because of pregnancy, and other instances of unwarranted termination, the website continues. Advocacy efforts included pressing the California Congressional delegation to oppose cuts to research funding and to support comprehensive immigration reform.