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First UCONN Health Center, then UC Campuses and now it is Rutgers turn to Unionize!!..

Rutgers Postdocs We need a unionThis image is from the Rutgers website:

First UCONN Health Center, then it was UC Campuses and now, it is the Rutgers turn to Unionization of is just the beginning of fruition of what UCONN PostDocs did few years ago...............!
The latest news among the PostDocs Union activity is released by the Rutgers AAUP/AFT. It was not in the news at all prior to this one, as my blog follows all the postdoc unionization activity in US and around the globe, I was bit surprised to see an advanced stage of unionization already in progress at Rutgers University, it is a great news!. I wish the Rutgers PostDoc all success and great benefits from their struggle to get better recognition...!
Postdocs voted in favor of unionization with AFT Rutgers, AAUP-AFT. Working together with great solidarity in a timely fashion, we have been able to file our petition for union representation with the New Jersey Public …

The Struggle for Success in Academia for Asian Americans?

This special feature is brought to you by the AAAS/Science Business Office Career Advice Breaking Through the "Bamboo Ceiling" for Asian American ScientistsBy Jacqueline RuttimannMay 29, 2009 In academia and federal institutes, Asian Americans encounter what some call a "bamboo ceiling," similar to what female scientists faced 30 years ago.About 20 years ago Alice, a virologist, was up for a position as university president. She was one of three possible candidates. But during her interview things started to go a bit sour when the committee persistently asked her what she would be willing to give up should she be given the job. Sensing this, she told them point blank, "I don't think I'll get this job because of how I look." The committee members all grew silent.