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5000 Postdoctoral Researchers from University of California campuses Join UAW!!

Hmmm...!!!, this is one of the news I was anticipating to take place long, long time ago. This is a slow progress, but considering the complexities and slavery that exists in the academic circles, the PRO/UAW's effort to get the postdocs sign the cards to join Union is a great success.

It is not an exaggeration to say here that there was a huge noise in the minds of academics and postdocs when they heard PostDoc Union for the first time from the Uconn Health Center Postdocs. Because, there was no such thing as postdoc or researchers union few years ago, though the university faculties in many places are in union. Postdocs talking about union was considered like a taboo or something unimaginable or some kind of a academic insult, how ignorant these academics, postdocs and union bashers in the universities??.

Well, just after we (Uconn PostDocs) unionized the postdocs successefully at our UCONN Health Center via the 3837 local union branch of AFT-CIO, the University Health Profe…

Updates from the PRO/UAW Organizing Committee

Updates from the PRO/UAW Organizing Committee

****Here is the latest action taken by the PostDoc Union Organizing Committee****.
July 2, 2008 Fellow Postdocs,This week PRO/UAW filed our unionization petition with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) of California. A majority of all University of California Postdocs have signed up for the Union! First of all, thank you for your support! You made this possible!Second, we'd like to remind you of the process from here on out:PERB will count the cards and then certify our Union when they have determined that we do indeed have a majority of all Postdocs supporting the Union. PERB will be the only entity reviewing the cards; the university will not see the union cards.Go the the website to read further..................!