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MRSA-SuperBugs, What about it?:- a Good site to learn!

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Superbug, super-fast evolution
April 2008
Fascination with tiny microbes bearing long, difficult-to-pronounce names is often reserved for biology classrooms — unless of course the bug in question threatens human health. MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) now contributes to more US deaths than does HIV, and as its threat level has risen, so has the attention lavished on it by the media. At this point, almost any move the bug makes is likely to show up in your local paper. Last month saw reporting on studies of hospital screening for MRSA (which came up with conflicting results), stories on MRSA outbreaks (involving both real and false alarms), and media flurries over the finding that humans and their pets can share the infection with one another. Why is this bug so frightening? The answer is an evolutionary one.
Where's the evolution?
MRSA is resistant not only to the antibiotic methicillin, but also to whole…

University of Alaska PostDocs-Finalized UNION CONTRACT!!

Congratulations to Alaskan PostDocs!
Three instersting "PostDoc News"caught my eyes & attention this week. One is the news from Canada, where postdocs are in the process of getting labour board approval to unionize....!!. The second news is the University of Alaska PostDocs finalized negotiation with the university through the union.
The third news, some universities are making huge changes to PostDoc Policies by increasing salaries and benefits as much as $9,000 to 10,000 increase in salary and benefits (I lost the reference, I will list it soon). At the outset, thought things are happening bit slow, I am very delighted to see that postdocs are slowly getting their due recognition. And, appropriate steps were taken to compensate their toil and their educational qualifications. But, who does the initiative and leg work for PostDocs??, check out.
(Image courtesy: Stephen Nowers / Anchorage Daily News)

PostDoc Union news:
The latest of those three news is from "…