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Job Seeker Weekly!, good place for Job Seekers to find some good articles

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Post Doc Fight at UC continues!

Postdocs play a critical role in the University’s world-renowned research operations: performing complex research in diverse fields, ranging from AIDS and cancer research to developing improved technologies and addressing climate change; publishing scholarly articles; and writing grant proposals. All of this work helps bring more than three billion dollars in grants and contracts to the 10 UC campuses each year. The vast majority of this money comes from federal sources such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF), whose budgets have increased recently as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to reprioritize federal funding of scientific research for its own sake as well as to stimulate economic growth.A recent survey found that Postdocs were the primary author on 43% of the articles in Science magazine, the premiere research journal in the world.Despite their critical importance to the academic machine, postdoctoral researchers have not b…