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PostDoc Unionization- Raging fire, Dare to STOP!... It is UMass now!

UMass PostDocsWell...well...well......! I'm excited to hear that UMass PostDocs Unionize!, Well..., about 300 PostDocs in three UMass campuses were already signed the union card, and filed a petition at the State labour board to get approval for PostDoc Unionization.
Those who read my blog regularly would have noticed my updates on PostDocs Unionization. Either as a news with direct links to the press reports or news paper sites. Or On the right side panel, you can see a list of Universities where PostDocs got unionized already?.

The UC campus is just getting close enough to have their first contract and they are still working on it, Rutgers University is also might be in negotiation stage by now. As I was thinking of "what is next, and who is next"!. I thought it would be from outside US, like some news from European PostDocs. Hey, it is our next door neibhour UMass PostDocs, they signed the card and waiting for the labour board approval. The raging PostDoc Union fire se…
University of California PostDocs Union negotiation Updates!
UC campus represents more than 6000 PostDocs recently got unionized, the news can be found elsewhere in this blog, ever since the representative PostDocs been struggling to get the negotiation moving forward to get a contract, and the negotiation is not over yet and continues......! To find out the exact details of the ongoing events, check the link!.

PRO/UAW Bargaining Our bargaining team continues to negotiate for a historic first contract with UC. The support and participation of a majority of Postdocs has been critical leading up to and throughout the bargaining process.
We have reached tentative agreement with the University on most of the topics raised in bargaining, which are summarized below. We would not have been able to reach agreement on these topics without the consistent support and participation of a majority of Postdocs across the UC system. These agreements are tentative (see our agreement with U…