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PostDocs and Retirement- What?: Yes, an Internationally portable Retirement from EMBO!

Postdocs and Retirment is an odd combination, it doesn't
go well with postdocs. Over the past decades, the wested interests and
bigots in academic/instituitional circles created and placed various policies in place to keep the postdoc out of "employee's" tag?.
Oh yea, if you are not an employee, you will not be considered for retirement benefits?. Wait, if you are a PostDoc, you are neither an employee nor a student but you are a decorated "fellow" "trainee", kind of an apprentice. You spent about 30 years going thro college, higher ed and doctoral training, half of your life in the school and lab is not just enough folks!?.Anyways, unionization of postdocs in US and Canadian universities is changing these redundant policies and practices in the academic circles besides some universties voluntarily realizing these limitations and are changing policies. At this juncture, I read the following news, it sounds like one of the great music to my ears. Yes…