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POSTDOCS Can Make lots of Difference in Society too!! Are you PostDocs listening?

Postdocs touch hearts, minds in Uganda:Biologists make a difference with book collecting quest for needy children
By Dave Jones, February 2, 2007 There is more to Africa than monkeys and butterflies and rain forests. So, if you are a post-doctoral researcher there for months at a time, what else might you do?
How about taking on a community service project?
For UC Davis biologists Freerk Molleman and Malgorzata "Gosia" Arlet, that means setting up libraries and supporting a preschool, among other education efforts.
Soon Molleman and Arlet, who are married to each other, will be off on their second journey to western Uganda since becoming postdocs at UC Davis in May 2005. They do their research in Kibale National Park.

PostDoc News & This Blog "PostDoc World"?

Immmmm...It has been three months since I updated or posted "postdoc" news. Instead of delving into the reason why? ofcourse hectic work schedules and other committments is one of the main reason, but I always did catch upon the happenings and brought them here immediately. I believe there is little lull on the postdoc world, not much is happening at the moment or whatever?.

But, today I was browsing the web for postdoc events, something caught my eyes. The salary issue in the UCLA system. It seems the UC system passed a resolution to follow upon the NIH Scales for PostDocs, good news but is in't too slow a change?. We did this four years ago at the UCONN Health Center and three years since the postdocs got their increased salary. Anyways, it is still a good news for those UCLA postdocs, not sure what the postdocs in other university and campuses are doing about their salary. Better get these basic needs straightened up during this momentum, or else you will be lagging be…