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to transform the brain-drain of scientists into 'brain circulation'

If you are a regular reader of science funding and the way science is done in several countries around the world, your first instinct will be the lack of proper funding and lack of interest to support science by the recent governments, Europe will be top in the list just next to our great US government?. Europe used to be a good place for science research some years ago, but in the last decade or a couple of decate, the european science took a dive down the path of nobility, not due to lack of enough good scientists, but because of the lack of sufficient governmental funding and policies (except few european nations). So, Whatever is going on in European Science can be mainly attributed by the Way science is funded in these nations, drove the young and good scientists out of Europe to US and other places, but US is not any better in the past several years in terms of funding, the worst funding for scientific research happened in the current and previous government, it is not getting…