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WRECKED "EuroDoc"? Is it in Order or out of Order?.

Eurodoc' is a kind of an association or organization established during 2000-2001 to represent young scintists, namely postdocs and others. What is representing means (you can read all those "whatever's" in their websites...!) is to provide support system for young researchers and lab members in European countries?.
Though, the center of this eurodoc is located in Sweden!, postdocs from several european countries participate as members and board members in this organization. Eurodoc is basically a initiative emerged after noticing the preceding activities of their US counter part, the fledgling NPA (National Postdoc Association).
They both claim too highly of their organizations but the truth is otherwise (what have they done so far?). Their cliams are too high with regard to their accomplishments so far, none of the board members who started this NPA or Eurodoc is no more active, those newbie's who are the board members now and holding positions at present do not …

Here is a JOB Oppurtunity for someone in this field: Juicy Salary?

I recieved this following e-mail in my mail box, happened to be from one of the job site. They thought I might be a considerable fit for this job. But, unfortunately, I am not looking for one, thought someone suitable might benefit. This is a great opportunity and the salary is just juicy.

the E-mail invitation:
Your professional profile, which has on file, indicates you may have experience or know someone with experience relevant to the following position. I was hoping you might be interested or be willing to forward this email to an associate who could benefit from this opportunity.Seeking expertise in imaging modalities such at PET, MRI, CT, etc. to support oncology and clinical testing in drug research and development environment. Shall oversee and conduct hands-on analysis of imaging data, including interpretation and review of interpretation as well as develop related trial protocols and training.Candidate shall also support the strategic design, execution, and…

PostDoc Project management- Teleconference at Weill Cornell Medical college?

Please join us on Tuesday, December 4 at 3:00 PM (EST) for our First Tuesday teleconference on Project Management for Postdocs, presented by Martha L. Bruce, PhD, MPH, Professor of Sociology in Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College. Participation in First Tuesday is simple: all you need is a telephone and Internet access. Just dial 800.950.1454 no later than 3:00 PM (EST) on Tuesday, December 4.

You will be able to submit your questions live by pressing the "1" key followed by the "4" key on your telephone. Or, if you prefer, just sit in and follow along. No registration is required for calling in; however, registered users of the Web site may submit their questions in advance by clicking the link below. Additionally, registered users can also download slides 1 week before the teleconference. Click below to submit a question or to register: If you have a topic you would like discussed on a future First Tuesday, p…

$70,000 Annual PostDoc at PASTEUR, Fr. Must be US Citizens! Fabulous Opportunity

Hello PostDocs in USA, I recieved this e-mail from Science (AAAS), most probably other PostDoc/Student members of AAAS might have received this e-mail too. Neverthless, for the beneffit of those who are not members and not aware of this ad, and for those who haven't seen this opportunity, here it is.
It is just a fabulous opportunity, because the fellowship is heavily funded for three years, and it is going to be in France's top most institute "the pasteur", so think about it, no ....apply and make use of this great choice.

Classified:Dear ScienceCareers Readers:
If you know U.S. citizens who might be interested in this program
or colleagues who might help promote it among Ph.D. candidates,
please assist us in getting the word out by forwarding this message
widely. We rely heavily on word-of-mouth promotion for this program.
Pasteur Foundation
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for U.S. citizens to live in Paris
and carry out a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institut Pa…


Do you know that Uconn Health center PostDoc unionization helped the postdocs to improve their postdoc experience, their life and their science better, these are the proudest postdocs in US. Here is the latest contract they have signed, and you can read the full details of the contract. It is signed by the postdocs through the local University Health Professionals (a union affiliated with AFL-CIO) and the Uconn Health center, the employer.

Ok, go ahead and compare your institute's policies, benefits and greatness with the UCONN Health Center, do your home work to find who is the best?, hope this helps lot of postdocs sitting on the fence to not know which side to jump to get some clear ideas?.

"An ambiqous mind is no better than a mind that is ceased to function"
quote by Dr.Muni, 09-26-2007




Why I like Union?:-

Leslie Madsen Brooks writes about union and how she is such a strong pro-union person...!

Before I get to the teachers' union news, you should know: I grew up in a union family and I'm unabashedly pro-union. Here's why: Mom and Dad were each members of at least three unions: the national, state, and local teachers' unions. They walked the picket lines and Dad even appeared in the newspaper chanting at a school board meeting. During the tenures of California governors George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson, we experienced some lean, if not uncomfortable, times in our household. Mom and Dad argued frequently about money, and I learned the importance of having a strong union and group of negotiators to maintain our household and our annual modest camping trips around California and neighboring states.

The Under Represented Woman in Academina: Postdocs and Woman issues!

Kendall Powell of writes about how badly woman are represented in the academia in this July 4th special report.

Special Report
NaturejobsPublished online: 4 July 2007; doi:10.1038/nj7149-098a
Beyond the glass ceiling
Women and under-represented minorities are earning historically high numbers of science doctorates in the United States. So why aren't they making it to the professorial ranks? Kendall Powell investigates.
Kendall Powell

If academia is to offer varied role models and perspectives for a diverse population of students, it must become more welcoming to women and ethnic minorities, leaders of diversity efforts say. Industry has already learned the value of diversity. In a 2003 amicus brief in support of the University of Michigan's affirmative-action admissions policies, 65 Fortune 500 firms argued that efforts to increase diversity improve innovation, productivity and global competition.Women and minorities suffer from the effects of isolation once they enter t…

Biological News-EVO -Karma, a POSTDOC BLOGGER!

The life of a postdoc.
Being a can be bloody hard. Not knwoing what will be next andwhether there will even be a next job is probably the most depressingthing. Funding is never easily obtained even though postdocs are thebackbone of research these days. It seems that the number of PhDscontinues to increase, whereas the faculty positions for us to go intohave not. link
I think that a revolution in the way academia is run is desperatly needed.First, I would suggest that some security is provided to postdocs, bythat I mean a salary provided by the government so that postdocs cancontinue working until they are awarded a grant or fellowship. Thiswould save us from claiming unemployment and at the same time give usthe financial support we need to continue our work.

All about the good, the bad and the ugly things in life but mainly stuff about evolution, diversity of life, life forms and morphogenesis, phylogenies, trees and insects. Lots of biological news and comments. Cool …

Blogger NOMoreMalletrivia Writes about Postdocs Plight?



Postdocs are highly-trained professionals ...
Highly trained at avoiding the real world, that is, at least according to a report on a series of reports about postdocs that I just read. As I've said before, I just don't get why people would be content to spend 5+ extra years in school beyond their undergrad degree to get a PhD, start a postdoc appointment at about $38K/year [on average], stay a postdoc for 5 years [on average] and then have a 15% chance of getting a tenure-track faculty position. And, despite these dismal stats, over a third of postdocs are apparently "pretty set" on their plan of working in a research university.Are all these people wearing rose-tinted, high-optimism-inducing, reality-distorting glasses ? It seems like they're victims of some form of brai…

POSTDOCS Can Make lots of Difference in Society too!! Are you PostDocs listening?

Postdocs touch hearts, minds in Uganda:Biologists make a difference with book collecting quest for needy children
By Dave Jones, February 2, 2007 There is more to Africa than monkeys and butterflies and rain forests. So, if you are a post-doctoral researcher there for months at a time, what else might you do?
How about taking on a community service project?
For UC Davis biologists Freerk Molleman and Malgorzata "Gosia" Arlet, that means setting up libraries and supporting a preschool, among other education efforts.
Soon Molleman and Arlet, who are married to each other, will be off on their second journey to western Uganda since becoming postdocs at UC Davis in May 2005. They do their research in Kibale National Park.

PostDoc News & This Blog "PostDoc World"?

Immmmm...It has been three months since I updated or posted "postdoc" news. Instead of delving into the reason why? ofcourse hectic work schedules and other committments is one of the main reason, but I always did catch upon the happenings and brought them here immediately. I believe there is little lull on the postdoc world, not much is happening at the moment or whatever?.

But, today I was browsing the web for postdoc events, something caught my eyes. The salary issue in the UCLA system. It seems the UC system passed a resolution to follow upon the NIH Scales for PostDocs, good news but is in't too slow a change?. We did this four years ago at the UCONN Health Center and three years since the postdocs got their increased salary. Anyways, it is still a good news for those UCLA postdocs, not sure what the postdocs in other university and campuses are doing about their salary. Better get these basic needs straightened up during this momentum, or else you will be lagging be…

to transform the brain-drain of scientists into 'brain circulation'

If you are a regular reader of science funding and the way science is done in several countries around the world, your first instinct will be the lack of proper funding and lack of interest to support science by the recent governments, Europe will be top in the list just next to our great US government?. Europe used to be a good place for science research some years ago, but in the last decade or a couple of decate, the european science took a dive down the path of nobility, not due to lack of enough good scientists, but because of the lack of sufficient governmental funding and policies (except few european nations). So, Whatever is going on in European Science can be mainly attributed by the Way science is funded in these nations, drove the young and good scientists out of Europe to US and other places, but US is not any better in the past several years in terms of funding, the worst funding for scientific research happened in the current and previous government, it is not getting…

Life of a Lab Rat- an Australian Blogger writes about PostDocs!

Life of a Lab Rat is an interesting blog by Black Knight from Australia, the following article is about PostDocs, hope to see more postdoc articles from this Lab Rat.

Life of a Lab Rat
by Black Knight
It is quite easy in this business to get disillusioned when you look around and see that, for example, the NIH only funds about 10% of RO1 grants and there is no career structure to speak of for postdocs. You begin to wonder if you are any good at all, especially when you reach a certain age and find that you are really enjoying the bench work but seem to have no luck at finding a real job.

Talk about Benefits to Postdocs/ in Academia?

One of the Worst Practice at work is to keep away the postdocs or young scientists (also the graduate students)from benefits, which otherwise would provide a better protection to those poor souls. Employers do not realy care or make provisions on this issue, so, postdocs in general are kept out of this benefit issue for several reasons, except some exceptions, majority of the postdocs do not get benefits?. Nothing happening here in US in this area, but in Europe and other places it is different, look at the caption in this pic?. I like this pic (from Feb 2 science issue)

Combat Global Warming- 3 Billion & 25 Million Prize?.

A $25 million V-prize
Posted by Brendan Maher

Virgin's millions are up for grabs. What's a biologist to do?
Tycoon Richard Branson offered another $25 million to combat global warming (he pledged $3 billion in September). This time he's taking a page from X-prize folks, offering the money as a prize for the best design of a plan for removing "significant volumes of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases.” Although the official rules are a bit hazy on what a "significant amount" means (they are far less hazy on publicity rights and several other items), reports are generalizing the target to a billion tons or more yearly. Enrollment is open for three years, after which entries will be judged by none other than Al Gore. It will be interesting to see what comes of this. And I for one would like to see some imaginative biologists take this. So far, engineered algal blooms and genetically modified trees designed to sequester carbon in their roots are interestin…

Interesting PostDoc Article- in "The Scientist"

This article is a refreshment of some figures?: Some statistics about increase in the number postdocs over the past years, decrease in number of academic jobs and funding status is a stark remainder of the "Poor State of Academia" today, here is the link:
Plus: The comments by readers are thought provoking that can provide more insights about the actual postdoc reality.

PostDocs & Mentoring:- Association of American Medical Colleges

The Association of American Medical colleges (AAMS) is making efforts to create a positive atmosphere to discuss postdoc issues by creating a "Compact", I am not sure the details of what is this compact means, as I have not read the details, but from the post in their website as well as from an article appeared in Nature by Paul Smaglik, naturejobs editor, the compact is an initiative for a nationwide discussion on postdoc and mentoring issues. Mainly aimed to improve the postdocs plight?. We have to wait and see how effective an initiative and their service to the postdocs and mentors?. In any case, such efforts need to be encouraged and appreciated, a good move.

Jan25, 2007
Compact Between Postdoctoral Appointees and Their Mentors
The Compact Between Postdoctoral Appointees and Their Mentors is intended to initiate discussions at the local and national levels about the postdoctoral appointee-mentor relationship and the commitments …

PhDs & Changing trends in Job Market?

sPostDocs and the changing job market, an article by Paul Smaglik, the Nature jobs Editor provides some hints about changing trends in career for PhDs.

Demand for PhDs is uncertain in a changing market.
Paul Smaglik
"For recent graduates who are struggling to beat hundreds of other applicants to claim a full-time post, the answer is fairly obvious. But for those in industry who are trawling this sea of talent, the issue is less clear cut. Many recruiters say that they are unable to find the skills they require in the traditional marketplace. Depending on your level of cynicism, this is either an honest assessment or an apologia for outsourcing farther afield".

An Old Rant but still relevant?

A landmark report in 2000 revealed the poor state of postdoc pay in the United States.
This work force is highly skilled and consists of some of the best and brightest minds in the country. They exist in the amorphous state between finishing their PhD. and finding a permanent academic position. This group needs to be treated better. While nature is lauding the increase in pay, it is still at the bottom scale of what a manager at a Wal Mart or McDonalds would make. And McDonald's mangers get benefits. Clearly there is going to be erosion if this is not taken care of.
Postdocs number about 50,000 and they are the engine that drives much of the research in leading journals. So why is pay so low? Because there are too many of them. The dirty little secret of science is that we train far too many PhDs than we need in academia or industry. When supply is high, salaries are low. So why are so many students pursuing PhDs? Because research labs need graduate students to do their work. In my …

Washington Watch: PostDoc World

Are New Scientists Prepared for the Real World?
January 2007
Natalie Dawson
Postdoctoral researchers are an essential part of the scientific community, yet their status in the academic community often fails to reflect their significant role in advancing the nation’s scientific research programs. Postdoctoral scholars often spend long periods of time in academic appointments that give them little opportunity for career development, training, and research independence, they assert. Several recent reports corroborating their claims, the federal government’s pledge to secure US scientific competitiveness, and the formation of groups like the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) have alerted funding agencies to the postdoc issue and spurred efforts in some circles to revitalize the postdoctoral research experience. THIS IS AN EFFORT TO EDUCATE, UNITE AND VOICE FOR THE POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS/POSTDOCS IN USA. ALL TEH POSTDOCS AND POSTDOC WELLWISHERS ARE WELLCOME TO CONTRIBUTE AND POST YOUR MES…